With its oddly-shaped pinnacles, chasms, fresh water pools, coastal rainforest and rugged coastline, the eastern side of Niue offers a contrast to the calmer western side. This tour will take you to the village of Hakupu, passed what was the second oldest primary school on the island, on the way to the landing of Tuhia. One hundred meters inland from the landing itself is a fresh water spring at the bottom of Anapala chasm. In earlier times, this was the only alternative source of water in periods of prolonged drought. From Hakupu, the tour continues to Togo for a trek through the tropical rainforest to the coast. While the trek is relatively easy, the climb down to Togo itself involves descending a steep ladder. A short drive from Togo towards the village of Liku is the Hikulagi Sculpture Park. The tour returns via the cross-island road from Lakepa to Alofi. Tour is available on demand but requires a minimum of 4 with a maximum of 8.